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What you get…

4 Weekly Videos – You will receive 4 instructional videos where Dr. C will walk you through every step of your Reset Diet, helping to ensure your lasting weight loss.

Q & A Video – Dr. C addresses your most popular questions and concerns while on the Reset Diet.  You will learn the secrets of making the diet work whether you’re on vacation or celebrating the holidays.  If you have diet restrictions, Dr. C explains why and how the Reset Diet will work for you.

ARD Program Recipes – Adrenal Reset Diet approved recipes to maximize your waist loss and move you to Thriving.  We’ve got all the bases covered including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ARD Diet Guidelines – We’ve dialed in all the details of the Adrenal Reset Diet into one simple blueprint.  It includes foods allowed on the diet, serving sizes, how many servings you should have at each meal, as well as our unlimited foods list.

Measurement Tracker – Track your success and keep yourself accountable with our easy-to-use Measurement Tracker.  It’s great to hang on your fridge or your bathroom mirror and keep a close eye on your progress.

Virtual: Adrenal Health Quiz – Find out what your adrenal health level is.

BONUS: Dr. C’s Favorite Recipes Cookbook – A compilation of Dr. C’s personal favorite Adrenal Reset Diet Approved Recipes.  You will receive 60+ recipes including Magic Broccoli, Vanilla Chia Pudding, and Fall Harvest Salad.  We’ve even included desserts like Coconut Dream Puffs.  These recipes aren’t short on flavor and a breeze to whip up in the kitchen.

BONUS: Exercise Videos – You won’t believe how simple and easy the Adrenal Reset Diet workout can be.  Dr. C walks you through this 15 minute workout that you can do anywhere.  There’s no equipment required and it can easily be adjusted for all fitness levels.


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