Ultra Fiber

Resistant fiber leads to easier fat loss and fewer cravings. Easy to mix in any drink.



Ultra Fiber contains resistant fiber AKA resistant starch in a blend of 12 natural fibers that support healthy cortisol levels, normal blood sugar, balanced intestinal microbiome, and more complete detoxification. It is free of allergens, gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, GMO ingredients, tannins, stimulant laxatives, and oxalates. It is safe to use on a paleo diet or vegan diet. Ultra fiber makes a great addition to your Daily Reset Shake or can be mixed with plain water, other shakes and smoothies. Suggested use is 2 teaspoons serving daily with 10 or more ounces of liquid. For best results, use a blender or shaker bottle.

Directions: Two teaspoons daily added to your Adrenal Reset Diet shake or 10 ounces of water.


  1. Up until now, Fiber was not my friend…. But this one is totally different. It dissolves beautifully, NO GRIT, and has no taste whatsoever – so I put it in my shake in the morning and into a bottle of water in the late afternoon. Voila! I am no longer crying over constipation PLUS I lost 8 pounds. Really. I was stoked to find out that resistant fiber, like this product, regulates cortisol and rebuilds the good microbiome in the gut. What a difference a really GOOD product makes.

  2. I’ve been suffering from increasing appetite for a while now and was starting to feel out of control over my portions. Plus, my afternoon cravings were becoming irresistible. This product alone has cut my appetite in half during meals. Plus, I take my second serving around 3:00 and have almost no desire for snacks to get me through until dinner. Great product!

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(Please click image to magnify) remove BB536 from Active ingredients. New Label Item Code PAF318-1
(Please click image to magnify) remove BB536 from Active ingredients. New Label Item Code PAF318-1
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This fiber mixes smooth and leaves no grit. The taste is neutral so you can have it in water or in any shake or smoothie you like.